DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES complies with current legislation in Spain and the European Union in the processing of personal data. To do this, it adopts the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data provided; taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which it is exposed.

Next, in compliance with the provisions of the data protection regulations, you are informed about the terms and conditions of the data processing carried out by DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES.



The responsible for the treatment is the company DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES, with NIF: B53059051 and registered office located at Avd. País Valenciano 20A, 03580, España.

This company offers telecommunications services through different brands such as OPERATOR.

The interested party may contact the person in charge by postal mail to the indicated address or, if they prefer, through the customer service telephone number 966580000 or by email to the address

Likewise, you can contact the Data Protection Delegate (DPD or DPO) designated by the person in charge at Avd. País Valenciano 20A, 03580 in Alfaz del Pi, Spain. You can also contact the DPD through the customer service phone 966580000 or by email to the address


The processing of your data pursues the following purposes:

Purpose 1: Provision of the telecommunications service

This purpose includes all those activities that are necessary and inherent to the provision of the telecommunications service, such as:

  • The management of portability processes both in those cases in which DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES intervenes as a donor operator and in those in which I do so as a receiving operator.
  • The conduction of communication through an electronic communications network, as well as the establishment and routing of the call (including interconnection).
  • The provision of the Internet access service.
  • The billing and collection of the services provided through the registration of traffic and interconnection data. The data may be used for the judicial or extrajudicial claim of amounts, in case of non-payment.
  • The provision of the audiovisual content and channels service, if it is among the contracted services.

The legal basis for this purpose is the performance of the contract that you signed with us.

Purpose 2: Sending advertising about new rates, promotions and improvements of DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES applicable to the contracted service or that are similar.

This purpose includes the use of your personal data to send you communications related to the provision, improvement and updating of services, as well as advertising information on promotions applicable to the contracted service, new rates or other services -including value-added services- that may be of interest to you. This advertising information will be sent through any channel (text messages, emails, phone calls, postal mail, mobile messaging services, etc.).

The legal basis for this treatment is your express consent. You can withdraw consent at any time, although its withdrawal will not affect the legality of the treatment based on prior consent. At any time, the client will be allowed to oppose the sending of new commercial communications; Being able to make use of this right by postal mail to the above address, by email to or through our customer service.
Purpose 3: Check your payment capacity in equity solvency files and through automatic scoring procedures.

DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES informs you that, provided you give your consent, you can check your payment capacity in common files on financial solvency and credit whose managers provide such service in accordance with current legislation, provided that you maintain a contractual relationship with the client that involves payment of a pecuniary amount (eg any contract in postpaid mode) or with the aim of evaluating the economic viability of a new contract that involves financing, deferred payment (eg the subsidy of a terminal) or periodic billing.

Likewise, as part of the process of evaluating the customer’s ability to pay, DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES may use automated scoring systems procedures.

The legal basis for this treatment is your express consent. You can withdraw consent at any time, however, its withdrawal will not affect the legality of the treatment based on the prior consent.

Purpose 4: Verify the accuracy of the data provided by the client and fight against fraud

DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES has an interest in protecting the client and the company itself from recruitment fraud. In this sense, you can verify the accuracy of the data provided by the client through the CSV Codes or similar mechanisms or by requesting the issuing bank for confirmation.

Likewise, if you adhere to the Hunter system, you will incorporate your customers’ data into a file owned by the ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE EMPRESAS CONTRA EL FRAUDE.

The data will be compared with other data on requests for telephony services that appear in the Hunter System for the prevention of request fraud, exclusively for the purpose of detecting the existence of potentially fraudulent information within the service approval process.

If inaccurate, irregular or incomplete data is detected, your request will be the subject of a more detailed study, and said data will be included as such in the file and may be consulted for the aforementioned purposes, by the adhered entities. to the Hunter System and belonging to the following sectors: financial, card issuers, means of payment, telecommunications, renting, insurance, debt purchase, real estate, energy and water supply, periodic billing and deferred payment. The list of entities adhered to the Hunter System will be accessible on the website of the Spanish Association of Companies against Fraud:

The client can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability or limitation to the processing of their data before the Spanish Association of Companies against Fraud, by going to the following address: Apartado de Correos 2054, 28002 MADRID, through the sending a signed application accompanied by a photocopy of your identification document.

Purpose 5: Communicate debt default data to common credit information systems

In the event of not paying punctually to your financial obligations to DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES and resulting in a certain, overdue and enforceable debt and prior request for payment, your identification data and data related to the debt pending payment will be communicated. to the entities responsible for common credit information systems (eg, BADEXGUG, ASNEF, File of Judicial Incidents, etc.), in accordance with current legislation.
The legal basis for this treatment is the exercise of a duty, so it will not be necessary for you to give your express consent.


For the purposes set out in the previous section, the client’s data set is treated, which we can divide into the following sources and categories:

  1. a) Data provided directly by the client:

Data provided directly by the client, either at the time of requesting the service through the completion of the forms for this purpose enabled and those provided throughout the contractual relationship through different means, such as, for example, claims or requests for information filed with customer service. The Client is responsible for its veracity and updating.

  1. b) Data obtained from sources other than the client:

Data obtained from sources other than the client, either by having their consent or by any other legal authorization (legitimate interest, compliance with a legal obligation …). These sources are:

  • Sources accessible to the public.
  • Public Administration Bodies (eg, General Social Security Treasury (TGSS), State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), etc.) or Judicial.
  • Common credit information systems (eg, BADEXGUG, ASNEF, File of Judicial Incidents, etc.).
  • Identity protection files or data fraud detection (eg, the File provided by the Hunter system).
  • Information provided by other telecommunications companies in portability processes.
  1. c) Data derived from the development of the relationship:

Data provided indirectly by the client when deriving from the provision of the contracted Service and the maintenance of this activity. This category includes traffic data, payment history or contracted products, navigation data through the public website or access to the private area or others of a similar nature.

  1. d) Data inferred by DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES:

Data inferred by DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES through the study of customer data either through the application of mathematical algorithms or their know-how. This category includes data such as the results of the client’s profiling activities according to the different criteria that the entity may use, such as, for example, their relationship, seniority, the use they make of the contracted services …

  1. e) Data obtained from third parties:

In case you give your consent, data provided by third parties such as geomarketing companies, RRSS, Cadastre, Property Registry, other telecommunications companies, the CNMC or other companies that may collaborate with this body to comply with the regulations of telecommunications, companies that provide information on the economic activities of freelancers or professionals …


The personal data processed by DRAGONET COMUNICACIONES to achieve the purposes detailed above may be communicated to the following recipients based on the legitimizing basis of the communication.

By virtue of the foregoing, the following table details the planned communications and the legitimizing basis that protects it:



Type of data communicated Legal authorizationn
Other telecommunications companies. Identification data and traffic data. Development, maintenance and control of the contractual relationship (call routing, management of portability processes …)
Providers of emergency services 112. Identification and location data. Compliance with a legal obligation.
Agents empowered in compliance with Law 25/2007 on data conservation. Detailed data in art. 3 of the aforementioned regulation or any other that would replace it. Consent of the interested party.
Companies that hold equity solvency files for purposes 3 and 4. Identifying data and possible pending debts. Legitimate interest.
To the CNMC for incorporation into the subscriber directory. Identifying data. Consent of the interested party.


Personal data will be kept as long as the contractual relationship with the client is maintained and after it, for a maximum period of 5 years, if they have given their consent. Once the contractual relationship has ended (or, where appropriate, after the 5-year period has elapsed), the data will be deleted in accordance with the provisions of the data protection regulations, which implies its blocking, being available only at the request of Judges and courts. , the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the competent Public Administrations during the limitation period of the actions that could derive and, after this, their complete elimination.

In any case, if at the end of the contractual relationship there are pending litigation arising from the exercise of actions to challenge the invoice or tending to achieve the collection of the same, the data may be kept during the processing of the same, as long as there is no definitive resolution. –Date on which it will be blocked and subsequently erased-, although they may only be used for evidentiary purposes.


Our data protection regulations grant you a series of rights in relation to the processing of data that our services imply that we can summarize in the following:

  • Right of access: Know what type of data we are treating and the characteristics of the treatment we are carrying out.
  • Right of rectification: To be able to request the modification of your data because it is inaccurate or untrue.
  • Right of portability: To be able to obtain a copy in an interoperable format of the data that is being processed.
  • Right to the limitation of the treatment in the cases included in the Law.
  • Right of deletion: Request the deletion of your data when the treatment is no longer necessary.
  • Right of opposition: Request the cessation of sending commercial communications in the aforementioned terms.
  • Right to revoke the consent given, your request being processed within approximately 10 days.
  • Right to file a claim with the supervisory authority (in Spain the AEPD).

You can exercise your rights by postal mail to the address Avd. País Valenciano 20A, 03580 de Alfaz del Pi or by email to indicating the right to exercise and accompanying the required documentation. On the AEPD website you can find a series of models that will help you in the exercise of your rights.