The DRAGO MESH system for your whole home, based on WIFI-4 technology, until now only accessible to big companies, consists on 
a main device connected directly to your fiber or wimax router, and one or more secondary devices distributed by your whole house to 
get a single WIFI network with full coverage and high speed, which solves all the problems of wireless connectivity. The starter packages 
come with two equipments (primary and secondary), but you can add more if you need to cover larger areas.
Forget about repeaters and traditional PLCs, which in the end only create closed coverage areas through different WIFI networks, and 
which often generate more problems than solutions. With DRAGONET MESH, your devices (computers, mobile, tablets, etc...) will see a 
single WIFI network throughout your home, avoiding the problems that terminals have when changing networks. You can also go around 
your house watching a movie online or making IP calls without the communication being cut off at any time, since the MESH network 
equipment is intelligent and theyare the ones that decide which of them the terminals are connected to, depending on the distance and 
saturation they have.
Complement your fiber or wimax connection service with one of the DRAGO MESH WIFI packages and get the best out of your Internet 

The WiFi revolution is here! Become DRAGOMESH and enjoy a full WiFi coverrage. Which is your MESH?


The basic Wifi Mesh system includes two MESH devices interconnected by Wifi to cover an area of ​​approximately 100m2 each. The second equipment must be in the 
coverage area of ​​the first.


The Wifi Mesh Premium system includes two high-power MESH equipment interconnected by Wifi or network cable to cover an area of ​​approximately 150m2 each. 
Between them they can be connected by Wifi or cable indistinctly.


The Wifi Mesh Premium PLC system includes two high-power MESH equipment interconnected via Wifi, network cable or PLC to cover an area of ​​approximately 150m2 each. 
Between them they can be connected by Wifi, by cable or by PLC indistinctly. Each equipment includes its own PLC.

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